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Technological Fingerprints

One of the aims of the Economic Fitness framework was to understand the relationship between economic and technological activities. More in general, by mixing data on different layers of the economic and innovation system, we are able to get early warnings of capabilities and therefore to forecast the economic performances of countries or firms at a longer time scale and in greater detail.

The methodology developed allowed us to develop a metric connecting each product with the technological fields that are related to its future export success: countries with a technological advance in those fields would become able, in the future, to successfully export that product. This map allows for many exercises of great interest for the long-term strategic planning of countries and firms. 

Figure: Technological fields related to the future successful export of Desktop Computers.

Here are few of the solutions to real-world problems that we developed in the past:
a. To give strategic insights about the technological fields in which a country should focus his innovation policy to gain a competitive advantage in a specific market.
b. To evaluate the technological competitiveness of a country/firm in a specific market with respect to its main competitors.
c. To develop the geographical specialization strategy of the country by evaluating the optimal matching between export markets and the technological portfolio of regions.

From an academic viewpoint, the results linking scientific, technological and exporting activities have been first proposed in the article Pugliese et al. 2017

Two examples of reports developed for different international agencies in this framework follows. 
[first link: Report for the International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group, on Lithium-Ion batteries in China]
[second link: Report for the ...]