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Sapienza CNEL Convention


On the 31st of January 2018, an institutional agreement between Sapienza Univerisity of Rome and the Italian Consiglio Nazionale dell'Economia e Lavoro has been signed. The Economic Fitness group, already in active collaboration with the World Bank, will lend its expertise to start a shared research project devoted to the analysis of the Italian growth and innovation potential.

Link to Sapienza institutional website (Italian)

Link to CNEL institutional website (Italian)

As a result of this convention, an intense collaboration between CNEL and the Economic Fitness group is paving the way for specific analysis of the Italian economic performance at regional level. After a preliminary discussion with ISTAT in July, on September 13th, 2018, in an important meeting held at CNEL, Luciano Pietronero's group and their institutional partners discussed the results obtained so far and future investigation strategies.