Emanuele Pugliese

Research Fellow
Emanuele Pugliese is a researcher of the Institute for Complex Systems UOS Sapienza (National Council of Research), as a part of the project CRISISLAB. His role in the research group has been defined by his heterogeneous background. After his Master Thesis in Theoretical Physics, he got a PhD in Economics in the Sant'Anna School for Advanced Studies of Pisa, with a thesis on the effects of innovation on society in general and firms in particular. He was tutored by Giovanni Dosi, among the leading scholars in Economy of Innovation.
In his present research he connected his previous interest with the Economic Complexity approach in general. The results of this effort have been recognized not only in the academic community, through several pubblications and invites to international conferences, but also in the World Bank Group that hired him as a consultant since the 1st of January 2017.